Vivergo Fuels

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Vivergo Facts

Vivergo Fuels was formed in 2007 as a biorefinery for the future.
Our plant is based at Saltend, near Hull
Shareholders are AB Sugar & DuPont.
Opening: Initial Production Commenced Q4 2012
Capital Investment: Approx. £350m.
Excellent Safety Record: 5 million man hours without a Day Away from Work Case (DAFWC).
We have been awarded the National Joint Council for the Engineering Construction Industry (NJC) Safety Award for Engineering Construction.
RoSPA Gold Award for Occupational Health & Safety 2011, 2012 & 2013, RoSPA Silver 2010.
We are proud of our record of outstanding safety management and performance on major projects.
Vivergo Fuels will create and support 1000+ jobs.
11 local apprentices worked on the construction site.
The business will directly employ around 90 people and these are all highly skilled positions.
We have directly contributed approx. £60m to the local economy so far, but overall the bioethanol industry could be worth at least £1 billion P.A. to the UK economy by 2020.
In its construction phase, the Vivergo site was believed to be the UK's biggest construction/civil engineering site outside of the Olympic programme.
Through Jobcentre Plus, 24 unemployed people were offered training opportunities, 6 of whom have secured permanent roles with the company in highly skilled positions.
Our deep port location in Hull helps to optimise supply chain logistics, particularly through access to Continental Europe.
Vivergo is committed to adding value, socially, environmentally and economically in the local area.
To date, Vivergo has raised and donated approaching £200,000 for local charities and community groups.
Vivergo Fuels is ideally positioned for future technology deployment, particularly biobutanol conversion.
Vivergo also plays an active role regionally, working with other bodies and organisations to drive innovation and maximise joint opportunities in the renewables field.
Our process is just like brewing beer - we will be the biggest brewery in the UK, producing more alcohol on site than the rest of the country put together.
Our site covers an area the equivalent of 12 World Cup sized Football Pitches.

Wheat Facts

The plant will use 1.1m tonnes of locally sourced feed grade wheat per year.
We will be the UK's No.1 tip point for wheat.
The majority of our wheat is sourced from local farms in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.
We are the biggest wheat buyer in the UK.
Our site is in the heart of the UK's wheat belt area; one of the highest yielding in the world.
The amount of wheat we will use is the equivalent of almost 45,000 lorry loads per year.

Bioethanol Facts

This new business will help to deliver about a 1/3 of the UK's forecast biofuel demand for petrol once fully operational
The process at the plant uses 1.1m tonnes of wheat to produce 420 million litres of bioethanol.
Vivergo will be one of the largest ethanol producers in Europe.
Vivergo will be the biggest ethanol producer in the UK.
Vivergo's bioethanol will offer Green House Gas (GHG) savings in excess of 50% over standard petrol production.
Our fuel will offer GHG savings, the equivalent of removing 180,000 cars from the road each year.
We have recently gained the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC).
Our fuel will offer the same environmental benefit as removing all the cars from Hull & East Yorkshire (based on car ownership)
We'll produce enough bioethanol to fill 30 million buckets or 168 Olympic size swimming pools - every year!
The amount of bioethanol we will produce is the equivalent of 1 billion standard (75cl) bottles of gin/whisky in terms of volume/alcohol

Animal Feed Facts

Vivergo will be the largest single source supplier of animal feed in the UK.
The plant will produce 500,000 tonnes per year.
The animal feed products offered by Vivergo will benefit domestic farmers.
Our feed products will provide a consistent and easily accessible source.
Our feed will reduce farmers dependency on imported protein sources which currently account for up to 80% of the requirement.
Vivergo will produce the protein required to feed 340,000 dairy cows each day, which represents 18% of the national Dairy herd.
The amount of animal feed we produce will be the equivalent of 500 million bags of sugar in terms of volume.