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You're visiting our website at a really exciting time for us – as a world scale biofuels business, our £350m plant is now operational and delivering substantial amounts of Bioethanol and High protein animal feed into the market.

Quite simply, Vivergo provides home grown, renewable energy to support the UK economy, agriculture and all of us in our everyday lives – producing a greener, more sustainable fuel for cars (bioethanol) and a protein rich animal feed for cows (and other animals).

At full production, Vivergo will be the UK's biggest bioethanol producer and the UK's largest single source supplier of animal feed, producing enough bioethanol to meet around half of the current UK demand - 420 million litres, and the protein required for approaching 20% of the UK dairy herd.

Using animal-grade feed wheat, Vivergo provides a uniquely sustainable option for alternative energy production, efficiently converting UK animal feed-wheat into both bioethanol and animal feed in order to positively impact the food chain.

The future of fuel, and food, is happening now so explore our site and find out why our energy matters.

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