Welcome to the home of Vivergo Fuels – a world scale biofuels business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Now at full production, we produce enough bioethanol to meet up to one half of the UK’s current demand, and we deliver into the market every day, enough high protein animal feed (DDGS) to feed approaching 20% of the UK dairy herd.

Our £350m plant started operation in the winter of 2012 and we achieved full production rates during 2014. Find out how we produce our products.


Vivergo provides home grown, renewable energy to support the UK economy, agriculture and all of us in our everyday lives – producing a greener more sustainable fuel for cars (bioethanol) and a protein rich animal feed for cows and other animals.


Using animal-grade feed wheat from the local area, Vivergo provides a uniquely sustainable option of alternative energy production in order to positively impact both the food chain and local agricultural market.


The future of fuel, and food is happening now, so explore our site, and find out just why our energy matters.