Our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy (rev 2.2)

Vivergo Fuels Limited (VFL) is committed to sustaining the wellbeing of the people we work with and the environment we live in.  Health, safety, security and our impact on the environment are very important and our target is to eliminate all injuries, illnesses and incidents by creating a culture of prevention.

We will fulfil our compliance obligations and continually improve our HSSE performance.  We will demonstrate this by setting objectives, targets, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and will monitor, audit and review them. We will minimise adverse environment impact, and strive to prevent pollution through the appropriate use of the best available techniques considering the context of the organisation, the nature and scale of our activities, products and services.  We will maintain product stewardship as an important aspect of the production of bioethanol and animal feed.

HSSE management systems will be used and will meet or exceed requirements of BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

We will maintain our sites and plant in a technically sound condition and ensure our employees and contractors are competent to work on site.  In doing so we will provide a safe work environment by ensuring all operations are assessed and identified risks are eliminated or effectively managed.

All employees, visitors, and those working on behalf of VFL have a responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others who might be affected by their actions in compliance with the standards and policies set by VFL.

We will communicate and engage with interested parties including local government and communities on our HSSE commitments and performance.

This policy will be reviewed annually and communicated to all persons working for, or on behalf of Vivergo Fuels, and maintained on our website for public access.