About Us

Welcome to Vivergo Fuels

Based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, near to Hull. We are a £350m plant producing two high value commodities which historically would have been imported into the UK. We are one of Europe’s biggest bioethanol producers and the UK’s largest single source supplier of animal feed.


In simple terms, we take feed-grade wheat grown at local farms in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and process it – with virtually no waste – into bioethanol (a green transport fuel that is mixed with regular petrol at the pump) and protein rich animal feed for cows (and other animals too).

The feed wheat used by Vivergo has been grown in the local area for generations, and much was historically exported. This same land and wheat is now being used to produce two high value commodities that the UK would have previously imported.

Our team of over 100 highly-skilled people drives our business and makes us one of the leading biofuel and animal feed producers in Europe. Through our businesses supply chain, we have also created well over 2000 jobs directly and indirectly in the UK, many of which are based in the local Humber region and cover roles across agriculture, logistics, professional services, engineering support and many other fields.

The Vivergo team has been working hard since 2007, when it was initially formed as a joint venture between AB Sugar, BP and Du Pont, to create a Biofuels Business for the future. In 2015, AB Sugar acquired BPs share to become the majority shareholder of Vivergo.

Find out more about how Vivergo Fuels, the UK’s largest producer of bioethanol is delivering for the environment, the economy and agriculture.

We provide a uniquely sustainable option for alternative energy production. We believe that biofuels can be done well, and our business is a testament to that.
Mark Chesworth,
Managing Director