Discovering the talent of the future!

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The last week of June saw Vivergo heading into a local primary school in Hedon to discover the engineering talent of the future.  It was all part of the schools bi-annual Industry Day – an initiative set up over 14 years ago, used to showcase a variety of careers the students could one day work in.

Representatives from across various sectors included architects, engineers, scientists, marketeers, dentists, sweet makers and more; and all arrived at the schools with some exciting demonstrations and activities for the day.

The students were able to choose 2 activities to participate in throughout the day with these ranging from bridge making to fake injuries.

The Vivergo team including a chemist, engineer and marketer set the group the task of Building and Branding their very own renewable energy vehicle.  Ideas included cars powered by solar, geo-thermal and water energy.

The day was a huge success and highlighted a lot of young talent in the area.  Great news for Vivergo!