Renewable ethanol in Europe: First ever State of the Industry Report

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The European Renewable Ethanol Industry Association (ePure) has published its first ever state of the Industry Report. The report gives a comprehensive overview of the situation of renewable ethanol production and consumption in Europe today and sets out the opportunities and challenges for the Industry’s future. The impact of the EU policy on the ethanol industry is closely examined throughout the report.

Conclusions of the report are:

  • Renewable ethanol Made in Europe is a valuable source of energy making Europe more independent in the supply of its energy needs.
  • In addition to the most cost-effective renewable fuel to decarbonise the transport sector, the European ethanol industry generates high-quality, protein-rich animal feed, which helps to fill Europe’s gap in protein needs. By using crops in an optimal way, renewable ethanol made in Europe has little or no adverse land implications.
  • Today’s highly innovative ethanol plants are true biorefineries providing feed, food, fuel and fibres from a variety of raw material be it agricultural crops, waste or residues. Renewable ethanol Made in Europe is an incredibly versatile product, a crucial chain in the bioeconomy we are building.

Vivergo Fuels supports the content of the report and the contribution renewable energy is making to innovation, job creation, climate goals and energy security.

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