Vivergo welcomes 2020 renewable heat and transport targets report

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The latest report from the Energy and Climate Change Committee warns the Government that the UK will fail to achieve its 2020 renewable energy targets, if it stays on its current course. It recommends that introducing E10 fuel would help the UK reach its transport target for carbon reduction and calls for the laying of the groundwork for E10 introduction as soon as possible.

Mark Chesworth, Managing Director at Vivergo Fuels, said: “We welcome the Energy and Climate Change Committee’s recommendation for the rapid introduction of E10, a 10% blend of bio-ethanol in petrol that would be the carbon reduction equivalent of taking 700,000 cars off UK roads.  This is the latest in a series of reports, including the Department for Transport’s own Transport Energy Task Force, recommending E10’s introduction. Transport represents 24% of total greenhouse gas emissions, higher than any other sector in the UK economy.  E10 provides an immediate solution to lower this, whilst meeting the UK’s binding commitments on climate change and, at the same time, would boost British business, British jobs, British farmers and fuel security at a crucial time for the UK.  We call on the government to take decisive action through the swift, coordinated rollout of E10 across the UK.”